Viking Hockey Camp

The 2024 Viking Hockey Camp Registration is filled! Watch for 2025 dates!

July 14-19, 2024 

Viking Hockey Camp is an All-Skills Camp, stressing age-appropriate fundamental training, starting with, and emphasizing skating, puck handling, passing, shooting and team play. Off ice, students will participate in daily activities such as Dryland Training, Joga, Mindset and Teambuilding. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a rookie, this camp is designed to elevate your skills, increase your knowledge, boost your confidence, and most importantly, have a blast on the ice! This will be an action-packed week of drills, games, and unforgettable memories. We will be accepting players of all ages from U7 to U18 but spots will be limited to ensure each player gets the most out of the camp!

Why Choose Our Camp?

  • Professional Coaching Our camp is led by experienced and certified hockey coaches who are passionate about helping young players develop their skills and reach their full potential.
  • Skill Development Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our camp offers personalized instruction to help you improve your skating, shooting, passing, and game strategy.
  • Fun and Positive Environment We believe that learning happens best when you're having fun! Our camp fosters a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where every player feels valued and empowered to succeed.
  • Team Building In addition to honing your individual skills, our camp emphasizes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Through fun drills and team activities, you'll learn to work together with your fellow campers to achieve common goals.
  • Off-Ice Activities While hockey is our passion, we also believe in providing a well-rounded experience for our campers. In addition to on-ice training, our camp offers a variety of off-ice activities, including games, team-building exercises, and educational workshops

Day at Hockey Camp

  • 2 hours on ice
  • 1 hour teambuilding
  • 1 hour Dryland
  • And more!

Camp Fees + GST:
Please make note of payment deadlines!

Age Groups:Early Bird Registration:Open Registration:
U7 and U9$275.00$350.00
U11, U13, U15/18$375.00$450.00

Meet our coaches:

Denton Quattek - Skills

Denton Quattek - SkillsDenton has been a head coach in the Hockey Super League for the Leduc Riggers for the last two years. He grew up playing competitive hockey from AAA to Junior A to Senior hockey. He has 15 years of experience learning power skating and edge work in his hockey career. He is always learning new techniques and drills from various programs to increase his knowledge and utilizes this knowledge to improve athletes shooting, passing and positioning. Denton strives to build drills that utilize edges and agility in real game situations and started his own development program (CR Hockey Development) in 2023 to help kids grow and excel in all aspects of the game. His true passion is seeing the kids come out of their comfort zone and complete a skill or ability that is new to the athlete. He is very good at getting the most out of the kids and pushing them to the next level!

Ashley Grantham - PowerSkating Ashley Grantham - PowerSkating

Ashley has been instructing PowerSkating since 2009 after beginning a coaching career a few years prior as a NCCP Certified Skate Canada Professional Coach. In her early years of coaching she continued on as a competitive figure skater in Synchronized Figure Skating leading to Provincial and Western Canadian Championship titles and multiple Canadian Nationals appearances. Soon a passion sparked to develop/improve hockey players in all aspects of their skating. To date, she has spent seasons instructing for AJHL teams, AA & AAA programs, Minor Hockey, HSL, skill development companies, and individual players spanning from beginner to NHL.

Billy Teefy – Goalie CoachBilly Teefy - Goalie Coach

Billy has been coaching youth hockey for 10 years, specializing as a goaltender coach for 8 of those years. Billy started goalie coaching professionally in 2019. He has his own goalie coaching company, Doghouse Goaltender Development. He currently supports goaltenders and coaches in 5 separate associations as well as several private clients. His ability to connect with the kids and meet them where they are at has proven to be his greatest strength. He not only works with the goalies but also works to build a relationship with coaches and parents, supporting their journey in the goaltending world as well. Billy holds a certification from the University of Florida in “The Science of Training Young Athletes”. He has also recently returned from attending the 2024 IIHF International Goaltender Coaching Symposium as part of the World Juniors in Sweden. Focusing on the developmental stages and the performance journey of professional hockey players from the psychology and physiology to the research behind developing and identifying talent. He is passionate about helping other coaches learn to integrate goalies more into their team and using evidence-based learning to design his practices and camps.

Billy has been coaching youth hockey for 10 years, specializing as a goaltender coach for 8 of those years. Billy started goalie coaching professionally in 2019. He has his own goalie coaching company, Doghouse Goaltender Development. He currently supports goaltenders and coaches in 5 separate associations as well as several private clients

Mathew Starky - Mindset Mathew Starky - Mindset

Mat grew up in East Central Alberta and played various levels from small town hockey to elite levels.Mat is an admitted lifelong student of the game approaching 15 years of involvement as a Coach, Club General Manager and Coach and Player Development. Mat has been emersed in Club Hockey in Edmonton for some time either coaching or developing players at AA or AAA at the Canadian Athletic Club. He now coaches his sons’ teams and has a consulting business called Wholisticks Sports Consulting. He focuses on player development, coach development, conflict management and player consultation. Its Mat’s directive for players to focus on controllable factors, self-regulation and to focus on team play. Maintaining confidence and mental health is his number one focus in developing players. Involving parents in goal setting and performance management is key to his approach.

Bridgette Ponto – Joga Bridgette Ponto - Joga

Bridgette is the founder of Gauge Yoga and a Pro Certified Joga Coach since 2017, a Yoga Instructor with over 14 years experience and a CranioSacral Therapist specializing in Concussions and Sports injury. Bridgette has been an athlete her entire life and is passionate about sharing her experience, teachings, knowledge, and understandings on how the body works. She loves to help guide athletes to becoming a high performer in whatever sport they love most.

Bridgette has worked extensively with Hockey Canada, as well as with teams and athletes of all levels, including NHL, NBA , CFL. She also continues to work with many minor hockey teams and sporting camps throughout the year.

Anytime Bridgette works with athletes, her approach is the same - to create an environment where there will always be learning opportunities. Anyone who attends a session will learn how to better their athletic performance and understand the benefits of recovery, injury prevention and living a healthier active lifestyle. The program she uses is designed for the body & mind of any athlete, focusing on positions specific to the sport of the athlete, breathing and relaxation, strength, stability, and mobility - giving you a sound structural foundation.

*The Town of Viking reserves the right to refuse or deny an application for the Viking Hockey Camp 2024.