Seasonal Filtered Raw Water a priority project for Town of Viking

February 21, 2024

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Seasonal Filtered Raw Water a priority project for Town of Viking

The Town of Viking is focused on conserving potable drinking water for residents, in anticipation of a projected drought in the province for 2024. Building a Seasonal Filtered Raw Water Pumping Station in Viking, will move any large water draws, identified primarily of agricultural use, to preserve potable water now and for many years. This is an investment in our community, supporting our neighbouring rural agricultural producers, and is a long-term solution for Viking to support our residents and economy.

The Town of Viking currently receives its potable water via a water line from Epcor, that runs along Highway 14. Built in 2002, this water line supplies Viking and other communities along this corridor with drinking water. When this line was built Viking retained their water infrastructure that was built in the 1980’s. This group of three reservoirs, when full, holds 274 million gallons of raw water. Two of the reservoirs are located south of Viking and filled by a natural creek named “Iron Creek”.

The infrastructure for these reservoirs has stood unused and Viking has maintained all land, equipment and pumped water when necessary to maintain reservoir levels.

The Seasonal Filtered Raw Water Pumping Station will be located in the Town of Viking, adjacent to the Town Reservoir, accessed from 50 Street (Main Street) and 59 Avenue. The Town Reservoir has a capacity of 33 million gallons and can be filled via a 10 inch pipeline from the other reservoirs, as there is demand.

The Town of Viking is currently working with their engineering company, on the drawing and requirements for this Pumping Station. 

Council and Administration are aiming to have this Pumping Station available Spring 2024.

Please direct any media inquiries to:

Doug Lefsrud
Town of Viking