Nuisance, Unsightly or Untidy Premises

Nuisance, Unsightly or Untidy properties

Nuisance, Unsightly or Untidy properties are regulated by the Town of Viking. We pride our community on its appearance and pride and the affect it has on our neighbourhoods and residents.

What is a Nuisance property?

A nuisance property is a property that is offensive, annoying or unpleasant, that causes an intrusion or disturbance of a visual or sensory nature that affects another persons quiet enjoyment of their property.

This could include:

  • Failure to maintain the home where it directly impacts municipal property or infrastructure,
  • Trees or shrubs to hang over and encroach on to a neighbouring property (crossing the property line), or to encroach over sidewalks, alleys or streets owned or maintained by the Town,
  • Failure to remove snow from sidewalks adjoining a property or moving snow on to adjoining properties or lands owned or maintained by the Town.

What is a Unsightly or Untidy property?

A Unsightly or Untidy property is a property that is characterized by visual or sensory evidence a lack of general maintenance and upkeep, or causing a decline in the market value of property in the area.

This could include:

  • An accumulation of household garbage, paper, packages, containers, bottles, human excrement or sewage, animal feces, animal carcass, dirt, soil, sand, gravel, petroleum products, hazardous materials, disassembled equipment, machinery, vehicle parts, broken or discarded household products or appliances.
  • Animal materials, landscaping, building materials and garbage, an excavation or hole that is unsafe, unprotected or dangerous to public health and safety.
  • Any building, erection or structure that is unsightly or has become dilapidated.
  • Any combination of materials that is deemed by an Enforcement Officer to be unsightly or offensive.

We encourage you to learn more about this Bylaw by viewing on our web site here.