Carena Landscape

Carena Landscaping Project 

Spring 2022

The Town of Viking is planning to allocate a budget amount to improve the landscaping around the edge of the Carena parking area, mainly along Secondary Highway 619 and we would like input and feedback on our ideas from you.

We would like to create areas that in the spring and summer months, will attract birds and pollinators to flowering trees and shrubs, and in the winter with evergreen trees, create an area to be decorated with Christmas lights and create a welcoming venue for our community and for those who visit the Carena. 

Some of our initial ideas are:

  • Extend the paved path behind the Viking Alliance Church, to connect with a gravel path around the edge of the Carena parking lot along Highway 619 to connect to 45 Avenue.
  • Add landscaped beds filled with mulch to hold trees, shrubs and perennials to the edges of this path in key locations, including around the digital sign.
  • Add a bench and waste bins, along this path.
  • Create a concrete pad to hold flag poles as a center piece to the Carena.

These are just a few ideas to start the conversation with our community. 

What would you like to see done around the Carena?

Email your ideas to: